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About Me!

I'm Soumya Prakash Pradhan, I am a blogger expert and passionate for content writing. I've been blogging since 2017 and too passionate about new technology!

Technology Society Site Launch Date: 17-03-2020

Welcome to technology society which is a very small website in India about technology. The goal of this site is to teach everyone about technology.

Technology is best when it brings people together -Matt Mullenweg


When society needs some boost there, we provide. Be a part of knowledge and glamorous society. Give a hand in making a battered society.

This platform is all about Technology and various technical tricks to help learn something new in online.

Welcome to technology society if you need any Technology Tricks, 5g Technology, Interviews, Whatsapp Tricks, Internet, Blogging, Gadget, Science, Android, Education, Intelligent, Innovation... Here Available.
Sincerely, [Soumya Prakash Pradhan]

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