How to Use New Whatsapp Disappearing Message on Whatsapp

Whatsapp Disappearing Message on Whatsapp

Today we will learn about whatsapp Disappearing Message tricks, which many people already know about it. Still I will share with you in a simple way how to enable disappearing messages on whatsapp.

This feature has come on all platforms like Android, iOS, web and desktop. We will learn more about this article so stay tuned with us. If any WhatsApp user has read our  article then I can gerent that he will not facing any problem, because we tell everything in simple language. 

If you want to learn this trick then you have to read our article till the last. So let's go ahead without wasting any time. 

New WhatsApp Disappearing Message

This features has recently added in whatsapp. Basically this feature works is delete message after seven day of the sending.

This feature is available for individual chats and many blog article said that whatsapp groups also have this disappearing feature available but as our team looking at own device this feature not comes in group section. 

So lets checkout how it is woks;

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How to Turn on Disappearing Messages in Whatsapp

To do all this first, you have to update your whatsapp application, If you have not update yet then do it first. 

  1. So first of all you have to update your whatsapp application, So that you will get this feature easily. 
  2. In this first process you have to open any individual chat
  3. After that, you have tap on the contact name.
  4. Then Scroll Down.
  5. Now you can get this feature "Disappearing Message", Click on it.
    Whatsapp Disappearing Message on Whatsapp

  6. Now one pop up message appears.
    Whatsapp Disappearing Message on Whatsapp

  7. Just click on "Continue".
  8. Here you will get a warning message.
  9. Just tap on "ON"
    Whatsapp Disappearing Message on Whatsapp

Right now, this feature will work on the chat account of whichever account you have turned on the disappearing message feature.

All step are complete here. This was a short article if you like this type of article then tell me in the comment section so that We also like. 

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