How to Pin a Telegram Message on Android Device or Tablet?

How to Pin a Telegram Message on Android Device or Tablet

In today's time everyone using social media platform so the main problem is to utilize, How do you use it? There is some message on our phone which is very needed and we consider that message as important.

When something is useful, we pin it to remember the same message. So today we will know "how to pin any message on telegram".

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This will be a very short article and if you are interested and using telegram messenger then it is very important for you.

So let us start today's topic without wasting any time.

Pin Any Message On Telegram

To do all this, First, you have to download the telegram application, If you have not downloaded you cannot do this.

So, first of all, you must have an account on Telegram. So that you can do this work very easily.

Now we will know how this entry process work. So we have to follow all the step If you want to know about this.

  1. First, you have to open the Telegram application. The telegram icon is blue in colour, you can find it easily.
  2. After opening the telegram apps, you have to open your channel or group in the telegram apps. 
    Telegram Pin Message Method
  3. We have taken the example of the channels here, All channels or groups have the same process. Just follow what we are telling you.
  4. Whatever message you want to pin, you have to tap on the same message. 
    Telegram Pin Message Method

  5. After that, some options will come in front of your mobile screen.
  6. Then you have to do is click the pin button.
  7. After that, The Telegram app will ask you whether you want to tell these things to all the members or not. 
    Telegram Pin Message Method

  8. If you want these PIN messages should have been received by everyone, you can tap OK. 
    Telegram Pin Message Method

All steps are complete here. This was a small article if you want to read a similar article and do mention it in the comment box so that I can know that you are happy after reading our articles.

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