Turn Off Notifications

If you get some notifications while working, we get irritated. So what can we do in this situation so that the notification does not come? how it will fix, so today I will share some easy way to turn off notifications from any app on Android smartphones. 

Andriod smartphones are the perfect way to get any notifications. If you are getting more information on the specific application, just turn off notifications to the same applications.

Never stop the notifications of all the applications, because you will be facing some problem. If you turn off notifications in all applications, you cannot receive notifications of important messages.

It would be better if the application you want to use but you don't want its notifications, so its batter to turn off the notification of the application.

There are a lot of mobile applications that send push notifications. I will tell you today, How to turn off the notification from any app on Android smartphones. 

how to check the turn off application notification? You can open the applications manually and see all notifications. 

So let's check out how you can turn off notifications from any app on a smartphone?

Turn Off Notifications From Any APP: Android Smartphone

Turn Off Notifications
  • So first you have to open your smartphone settings. After that, you have to scroll down your smartphone. Then below will be an option Apps and Permissions, click here.
Turn Off Notifications
  • In this section, you have to select this application which you want to turn off the notification. I am choosing WhatsApp in this section because I do not want WhatsApp notifications.
  • You also select your application, in the same way, that you want to turn off the notification of the application.
Turn Off Notifications
  • After that, you have to click the App notifications. All settings are in this section. If you enjoyed reading this article then don't forget to share the article.

Turn Off Notifications
  • After clicking on the app notifications, you will get such an interface. All settings are in this section.
  • You have to just disable the right side top corner allow notifications. Because when you open this setting it will already be enabled. So all you have to do is turn off the allow notifications.

After doing all this, your work is ended. If you liked our article, do not forget to share with your buddy.

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