How to Message an Unknown Contact on Telegram?

Message an Unknown Contact on Telegram

Telegram is a very strong application and secured application if you want to chat online. In today's time, many people are only using WhatsApp, a lot of people don't know about the telegram.

You will not know, the telegram is a secure app. Today we will know "how to message an unknown contact on Telegram?".

This will be a very short article, but it will be a very important article, People who use Telegram.

So let's start today's topic without wasting any time.

Message an Unknown Number on Telegram

To do all this, you must first know his number and name because how would you give him a message without knowing his name? So first of all you need to know his/her name.

To go through the entire process, you have to follow the step given below:

  1. Whomever you want to message, Save his/her number in your phone contact.
    Message an Unknown Contact on Telegram

  2. Then open telegram.
  3. Tap on the Right side button Pencil Icon.
    Message an Unknown Contact on Telegram

  4. After that, Search his/her name in the search box.
    Message an Unknown Contact on Telegram

  5. Then you will get his/her telegram profile.
  6. Tap on it.
    Message an Unknown Contact on Telegram

  7. Now you can message him easily.

End Of The Line

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