How to Make YouTube Channel Art on Android Smartphone?

Make YouTube Channel Art

If you want to customize your YouTube channel and not submit any "Channel Art" then Your youtube channel won't look pretty. 

These Youtube Channel Art features also know as youtube header, youtube banner, header images, etc.. If you using this Youtube Channel Art features then you can describe here about your channel, brand, and personality. 

Make YouTube Channel Art on Android

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Why Youtube Channel Art Very Important?

If a visitor comes to your youtube channel, first of all, he sees YouTube Channel Art. You have a chance that you can increase your visitor's impressions and this youtube channel art helps you to increase your impression so make a youtube channel art to impress your visitor. 

At this features, you can give brief information about your channel, your video upload time, You can add all your social media account links here. I sware this is one of the best features. you should use it.

Make Youtube Channel Art on Android

Youtube himself said that the youtube channel art size is 2560 pixels wide by x 1440 pixels (aspect ratio: 16:9) but this size is not correct. Not right means you have to face problems in this particular size, You can't find a center in the image

I will tell you today how you can make YouTube channel art with the help of an android smartphone. so let's start. 

First, you have to download an application on your smartphone that's called PixelLabYou download it and install it. Then download the picture I gave you.

After that go to your file manager and open this image then share this image to the PixelLab application then it asks you for the image size, you have to click the right (☑) Option. Look at the below images to understand a more excellent way. 

Make YouTube Channel Art on Android Smartphone

This is the youtube channel art banner, here I can describe which option what to do. So look at the below image.

Make YouTube Channel Art

After that, you have to click on the More options. Then click on "Image Size".

In this option to you can set the youtube channel art size which is youtube recommended 2560 pixels wide by x 1440 pixels (aspect ratio: 16:9). 

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In this PixelLab application to use can automatically set the youtube channel banner by using the "Preset" Option. You can see the below image. Now click "ok" then the format save.

Make YouTube Channel Art on Android Smartphone

Now you have to remove the black background using the shapes option.

Make YouTube Channel Art

To make this method a bit faster, you can copy this option and do it quickly.

Make YouTube Channel Art

Now, your youtube channel art ready.

Make YouTube Channel Art

The only thing left is to save the image. Click on the save icon and here pop up two options and you have to click on the "Save as Image" option.

After that, PixelLab asks you for the image format, image size, and quality.

So in this tab to you can set up your youtube channel art image or banner. If you are set your image then click on the "Save to Gallery" option.

Make YouTube Channel Art on Android Smartphone

Your image gets saved after saving. You can see the below image, The work we have done is the result.

Make YouTube Channel Art on Android Smartphone

After reading this article, You must have found out "how to make youtube channel art" So that's enough for today.

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