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Home Button On-screen on Your iPhone

The current iPhone series has no home button on the screen. Like, there is no home button on the phone XR, XS, and X.

But these features were very much liked by many iPhone users. Whoever has any new iPhone, he does not know anything about it. Still, many iPhone users are missing such features.

But there is nothing to worry about it, I will share the whole way to get these home button on-screen features.

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Let us begin today topic.

Add a Home Button to The iPhone(iOS) Screen

Now we will add the home screen button on the iPhone. By the way, this feature already available on iPhone 4,4s and many iOS smartphones.

This Home screen feature is not available In today's generation iPhone

But don't take tension, I will share the whole process step by step:

  1. First, you have to open your iPhone settings
  2. Now scroll down and tap on AssistiveTouch.
  3. Click Turn On Option.
  4. Now Your iPhone Home Button Available.

Now you can also customize it. Today I can not tell the process with the pictures. So this was today's small tricks. If you like it then do not forget to share it with your friends. 

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