How to Add a Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp?

Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp

In today's time, many people using WhatsApp but do not know the basic settings. Today, we will learn about the add a contact phone number on WhatsApp.

Many people will know this setting but some new users will not know.

Not everyone is interested in technology, But if technology experts explain it to new users, then everyone will know about the technology. I'm too young in these technology fields. 

Anyone can add a phone number on WhatsApp, If he has got proper guidance.

So let's start today's topic without delay "how to add a contact phone number on WhatsApp?"

How to Add a Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp on Android?

It is very easy to add a phone number on WhatsApp. First, you must have a smartphone and a smartphone should have WhatsApp installed.

If you do not have WhatsApp then you can go to Playstore and download it. 

To know how to add a contact number on Whatsapp then follow our guide.

First, you have to open your WhatsApp than on the Chats screen you can get a new message button the Icon will be on the right side.

Look at the below image, a similar image will appear in your WhatsApp. You have to click on it.

Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp

Then here you will get two options new group and new contact Or QR code. At that time, we do not have to do anything in the new group so leave it.

Moving to New Contact Here click. Then its automatically going to your smartphone to add a new contact system. 

Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp

Then Your fiend or any client number saves. You can do chat or video calls or anything right now.

How to Add Contact Number in WhatsApp using QR code?

Just a few months ago these QR code features have come, Using this QR code option you can add a contact phone number very easily.

First, You have to open the WhatsApp then click on the new message tab its appears in the right side corner. now you will see the QR code option, click on it.

Look at the below images. Then two tab open one is "Scan code" another one is "My Code". If you want to add a contact number then click scan code. In this way, you can add a new contact number. 

Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp

What is the best thing you know, You can reset your QR Code?

If someone your friend sends any relative or friend number in WhatsApp, then you can also easily add this number to your contact list.

Follow the below images. Just click the Add contact, it automatically opens your phone book contact system and here you can choose their name and add to your contact.

Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp

This summary was some method through which you can add contact phone number in WhatsApp

End Of The Line

I hope you have liked this article, It has always been my effort to provide complete information to the readers. about "How to Add a Contact Phone Number in WhatsApp?", so that there is no need to search in the context of that article on any other site or the internet.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

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