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New Blogger Interface Settings

This interface has been in Blogger for a long time. But I am writing this today. Because time is not available, guys.

I will talk about it in full detail, about the new blogger interface settings. It was an old Blogger interface for a long time, but now Google has completely replaced the Blogger interface in 2020. 

There are a lot of features in the new blogger interface that you will feel very good doing it. I've been using this new blogger interface platform for a long time.

I feel very comfortable using this blogger interface. 

Many people did not know how to use this new blogger interface but now most of the blogger users know about it.

But today, I will tell you a new blogger interface in-depth details about the setting. The settings will not be problematic in the future. I will try to share all the details.

Before starting this article, I think it is necessary to share one thing, the thing is that read the article completely. And one more thing, if you do not know how to create a free blog on blogger then it must be read. 

After reading the above article, you will not be able to create a blog post in the blogger. But I have already written it for you, how to write a blog post on Blogger.

So let's understand the new blogger interface settings.  If you don't make Blogger settings, your site won't appear in Google, Keeping this in mind, read the entire article properly. So Let's start!

Those who are connected with us, they will already know that we had created a demo blog. This blog is new so I will share the setting of this blog with you. So Let's start!

New Blogger Interface Basics Settings

I will start with full basic settings. We also have to do important work in basics settings. In blogger basics settings, first, you have to choose your blog title.

After that, you have to choose the description of your blog that the about of your blog then you have to set your blog language.

After that, there is a very important work which you will have to do. You have to disable the Adult content options so that google or user know about your blog, that this blog does not share adult content. Enable this blogger's features if your blog shares adult content.

Then comes to Google analytics point, which you have to create a Google Analytics account. so that here you can put the google analytics account id. if you don't know how to do it then comment here I will try to help you.


Latterly, comes the favicon which is very important for a blog. Favicon has a small part to identify the blog. Which will you have to do?

After completing this new blogger interface basics settings, your work ends here. For more information, you can see the below picture.

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface 2020 Privacy and Publishing Settings

In this privacy point, you have to enable the search engine, because if you disable it then the user does not find your blog in google. 

Then comes to publishing options. basically, you don't have to do anything at this point. If you want to change your domain name then the publishing option works for you. 

But there is another option in the new blogger interface that has called the Fallback subdomain. If you don't know what is fallback subdomain then don't worry about it, I will help you. 

Fallback subdomain means if you want to create a subdomain in your main domain then you have to set up your fallback subdomain in your server id (domain registered site: GoDaddy,,, etc..).

Visit your domain provider site and add a CNAME in DNS provider records. so that your fallback subdomain work here.

For now, the Privacy and Publishing Settings, work done. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface HTTPS Settings

Everyone wants to be safe during browsing any things on the web. so here the blogger HTTPS settings help to you can secure your user browser.

But how to do it. Its very simple, you have to enable these two options HTTPS availability or HTTPS redirect.

If you disable these two options then your site is not secure, so its batter to enable this option.

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface Permissions Settings

In the new blogger interface permission settings is all about you. The first option blog admin or author-name, you can set up here admin.

Then the next options Pending author invites that's means If you have invited someone for contributing to your blog. 

It will show the results of the pending member which means your invitations were accepted or not you can see the Pending author invites options

Now here one Invite more authors option available, With the help of this option, you can invite any person to your blog as an author or admin. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface Posts Settings

You will not have to do anything on these options, Its depend upon your blog designs if you want to show 5 posts or more on the home page then you can choose in the Max posts Option. 

If you want to light your article image box then enable this Image lightbox. You can see the image below. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface Comments Settings

In the comment section, you can choose here how a user will commentWho can comment? Options to You can select various options like( Anyone (including anonymous), Users with Google Accounts, Only members of this blog). 

And here, you can select your email to operate your blog comments. If someone comment in your blog then a user needs to captcha or not here you can also use this feature called Reader comment captcha. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface Email Settings

New blogger interface Email settings are basically, email subscription system. If you have multiple email IDs, you can email your content to the same email ID. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface Formatting Settings

This formatting Feature needs your timezone, so you can set the date or time of your article.

New Blogger Interface Meta tags or  Error and Redirects Settings

This Meta Tag is also a very important option. By writing meta search description You tell the user and Google that this is my site details.

So remember one thing, that always enables meta tag. One more thing, that you cannot write more than 150 characters in the search description box

So If we talking about Error and Redirect, This is also an important option for redirect any URL. If your any web pages open to 404 error then you can redirect this URL to another by using this Error and Redirect options. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface Crawlers and indexing Settings


If you want to show the articles of your blog on Google or other search engines, you have to make these settings.

In these crawlers and indexing options, you have to enable all the systems like( Enable custom robots.txtEnable custom robots header tags).

In this Custom robots.txt option you have to fill this below code. This is a blogger sitemap code. 

User-agent: Mediapartners-Google
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

All you have to do is delete my URL and paste your URL in the same place. 

New Blogger Interface Settings

New Blogger Interface 2020 Monetization and Manage Blog Settings

After that, you can see the monetization settings. If you are reading this article, then your blog is still new, so you do not have to do anything in this monetization settings.

If your site has been approved by Google Adsense completely then you will know what is the work of custom ads.txt, but I am telling you it again.

So basically what it is, this is an ads.txt code that Google Adsense gives you and says that, paste this code in the custom ads.txt area of ​​your blog.

Mange Blog is the backup or import option to collect your blog data. You can also delete your blog by using this mange blog option. 

This Mange blog option makes it very useful when you move a blogger to WordPress. It was all to manage blog options in the new blogger interface 2020.

New Blogger Interface Settings

There are 2 more options left, which is not very important( Site feed, General).

This was all about new blogger interface settings. The thing is, I hope you like the whole blogger settings. There are more questions, but I answer one question right now.

Question is: How to revert to the legacy blogger or classic blogger interface?

Ans: Official Blogger said that;

A message on the platform reads, "Blogger's new interface is now available automatically. If you want to revert back to the legacy interface, use 'Revert to legacy Blogger'. The legacy interface will be available until 24 August. Please file any critical issues encountered. Read more."

The fact is the legacy of the classics blogger is not available now. Because the legacy blogger interface has been removed by Blogger on August 24. So you just focus on new blogger interface settings and forget the classics blogger interface. Because it has so many features so you should use it.

End Of The Line

I hope you have liked this article, It has always been my effort to provide complete information to the readers. about "How to Create a Blog Post in Blogger", so that there is no need to search in the context of that article in any other sites or the internet.

This will also save their time and they will also get all the information in one place. If you have any doubts about this article or you want that there should be some improvement in it, then for this you can write down comments.

Stay tuned to Technology Society For More Information, That's all for today.

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