Interesting Facts about 5G Technology: That's Nobody Knows Yet

Interesting Facts about 5G Technology

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Today we are going to discuss about 5G technology that's nobody knows yet. If you are searching on google for Facts about 5G technology then you are at the right place.

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In this post, I will tell you about 6 interesting facts about 5G technology that's nobody knows yet. I have written a lot of articles on 5G technologies if you want to read this then go through our categories and read here 5g technology.

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I have found a lot of 5g topic questions on the Internet, which I will discuss today.

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6 Interesting Facts about 5G Technology


Is something really 5G facts and do people believe it, Yes actually 5G is also a fact and people love it. You can read it I will provide some exciting 5g technology facts. So read all the facts to know more about 5g technology facts.


A few days ago, the Opensignal site reported a report, The people in Saudi Arabia and South Korea country are using 5G technology at a very high speed.

People in these two countries are using the internet at speeds of over 300 Mbps. Internet speed is not running every time 300mbps, but it is average running at 52 Mbps.

Source: Onesignal


After the arrival of some Bollywood films, people thought that 5G technology would kill birds. But it is not so, no bird dies due to 5G technology and at the same time, the antenna of 5g networks was installed in different counties.

So After watching a Bollywood film, many people spread these rumors. I do not want to name anyone.

A lot of birds died in November and December of 2018 because they had eaten positions. Agricultural pesticides and the poison of mouse and mouse were given to birds so that birds die.

I have not said that a report Wageningen Bioveterinary Research has told this or that.

Interesting Facts about 5G Technology


There is a lot of rumors spreading about 5g. Many people are also blaming 5G technology because of the fact that it has spread in the coronavirus in the world. In the current situation, a lot of governments want to digitalize their country.

For these reasons, the government has spread 5G technology in various countries. Many more people said that Corona happened earlier in Wuhan because the first 5g was established in the Chinese city of Wuhan.

This thing is totally untrue. Because the first 5G technology not implemented in Wuhan, Because this technology was being implemented in 50 other countries even at the same time.

I said that this fact is completely false because there is no scientific evidence that 5G technology caused the coronavirus to spread. It is very bad that people have been spreading lies.

So it is my request to all of you to share this article with everyone so that everyone would know the truth.

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Interesting Facts about 5G Technology


I think I have told a lot of boring things to you, So now I tell you some exciting things. 5g technology will be very fast for the internet.

You will not see any buffering in it. Which you can easily watch 4K videos on this network and you can also stream live games comfortably.

Those who watch a lot of online movie series, youtube will be benefited from this 5g technology.

As much as technology is in today's time, everyone has some advantages and disadvantages.

However, 5g technology has some interesting facts as it is capable of causing cancer due to its high emitted radioactive electromagnetic waves.

Some internet sources say that; Some scientists have also given proof of these facts.

Interesting Facts about 5G Technology

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Do you know that 5G technology has not yet been fully established in any country? In the USA most of the places 5g network installed but they use this network fully lower frequency spectrum. So I think it is also a fact.


5g technology is coming, everyone knows except the urban city. But not everyone is happy about this upcoming technology. I think this problem is visible due to spreading some false rumors

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