Which Types of 5G Variant will Come in Indian?

Which Types of  5G Variant will Come in Indian

Nowadays, everyone talking about 5G networks, 5G smartphones, and many people waiting for when will 5G arrives in India or some people even talk about what is cheapest 5G smartphones in India. Sometimes we also think about 5G network speed but many people must have thought all these things so no one cares about it. But we are Tech enthusiastic and we understand about 5G technology so today we are covering 5g network variation which will come in different variations around the world, while we have already written about what will change in the world after arrival of 5G? So let's start today's article without any delay. 

Different Variation of 5G Network in India

Today's time in the whole world waiting for 5g networks so in this situation 5g networks come with a different variation, so today we are researching about 5g technology variation in India and what type of 5g variation network coming out in India. So without any rubbish let's begin.

5G Spectrum in India

This 5g spectrum in India divided into three types: 
  • Low Band 
  • Medium Band
  • High Band
If we talk about the low band then it comes with 6MHz to 9MHz, if we talk about the medium band then it's come with almost 2.5 GHz to 4.2 GHz and if we speak about the biggest band then the high band comes with 20GHz spectrum to 47GHz.

We think many people confuse about what is the meaning of MHz, GHz, and why this author always repeats 6MHz, 20GHz, etc... So, guys, GHz or MHz is basically measured internet speed. If we speak about a normal consumer now using 4g internet and this 4g network plus version is low band variation called 5G network. 

If we compare current 4G network speed and low band variation 5G network then it's approximately 10 to 20% batter and the way in which 4G network is currently running, the same type of speed will be seen in low band 5G network but in the smartphone 5g network will be seen.

Then you will say 5G network is multi-speed we had heard but friends this multi-speed or high-speed 5G network only available for high band networks so this high band network only available in few countries which is available in North Korea, South America, Japan and It is not available in the rest of the county and the popular network is slowly implementing in every country which is Medium Band  5G network and it's come with almost 2.5 GHz to 4.2 GHz.

This Medium Band 5G network possible to launch in India but 5g company now testing this network capability if it successfully works then earlier it is available in India.

Finally, we are determined by the fact that there will be a medium band 5G network that will Come in Indian.

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