Will 5G Network be Available in India on This COVID Situation?

Will 5G Network be Available in India on This COVID Situation

Just like everyone is dying in COVID 19 situation, how is the 5G network coming in such a time? We will discuss it. What will happen in India if the 5G network does not come? Ok, guys, I think you like our articles, We will write the article in a fun way. So stay connect with us!

When is 5G coming to India?

India's telecom industry is in very bad circumstances because there is a lot of tax on the telecom companies, they have to pay money to the government. This is an order of the Supreme Court. Due to this reason, 5G will be too late to enter India. I think you will also know that Air Waves is the need to set up a 5G network.

If any telecom company will use these 5G Airwaves then the Indian government will have to take permission and buy it from the Indian government, This is very very expensive.

If a telecom company also buys this 5G network, it will cost a lot of money to infrastructure it. If any telecom company buy 5G Airwaves then Government of India;
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Something New Fun 

A few days ago, the owner of Jio organized an event and, he has said that we will bring 5g networks next year.

Right now there are only two networks in the telecom industry which are Jio and Airtel and Airtel has already denied that they will not use the 5G network right now.

If we connect all this thing, then Jio will first reveal the 5G network with people in India, with the guarantee that we can also speak, 5G network will launch Jio.

If Jio does a 5G network provide next year, then the city will come first but there will be a lot of delay in reaching the rural area.

So, now you know whether it is right or wrong to buy a 5G smartphone at the present time.

Whether to Take 5G Smartphone or Not 

If you want to buy a 5G Smartphone now, don't buy it because it will be very expensive.  If you are thinking that the rate of 4G internet pack comes at the rate of 5G, then 5G will be very expansive, so keep using 4G right now.

If you don't know How Did 1G Network Become 5G? Then here check out

People who have thought that 5G phone will come to India, I will buy it first, it is stupid, do not buy it Because it will be very expansive. If we talk about the 5G network that has not yet arrived in India, then what you will do with a 5G phone, use 4G only, it is better.

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