Eat Pakhala in Odisha

Let's know about something new today that no one has told you about it. There are some specific things that everyone needs to know about it. So let's know why many people eat Pakhala in Odisha.

Pakhala is one of the best food to eat in the summer season. It contains vitamin-B. Salt is cooked in it to eat it. There are many places in Odisha, which are very hot in the summer season and it causes a lot of sweat due to the summer season. Due to extreme heat, blood pressure starts in our body, and to control this we eat Pakhala food, and people who eat Pakhala, are not deficient in vitamin-B and vitamin-C our body remains sluggish after eating Pakhala.

In our Odisha, all the people say one things that whichever country you go, you must eat the food of that country

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