How Did 1G Network Become 5G and Who Discovered 1G to 5G Networks?

Who Discovered 1G to 5G Networks

Do you know who discovered 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g networks? The whole world using a mobile phone but many people don't know about mobile phone generation technology. So what is mobile generation technology? In this article, we are telling you about 1g to 5g wireless technology. Moreover, we will talk about the basic details of the 1g to 5g network. So, without wasting any time let's scroll down and read the article.

What is Mobile Phone Generation?

Mobile phone generations is a series of the wireless network. Which is upgraded every 10 years and the mobile network started with 1g (First Generation) over the many years, we had many generations like 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g, 6g but now time change and we are using 4g technology.

Do you know what is G?, basically G stands for generation forex; 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G. It's only number, just technology, and this wireless technology every time grows.

Who discovered Mobile Wireless Technology?

Mobile wireless technology was discovered in 1894 by Marconi but in this article, we will know about 1G to 5G network who discovered?

Who discovered 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g networks?

Here is the 1g to 5g network brief explanation;

1G (Voice) First Generation:

This 1st generation network introduced in 1979 in Japan by Nippon TT and the 1G network discovered by India in July 1995.

1G ( First Generation) technology only supports voice call and the 1g technology maximum speed is 2.4Kbps.

2G (SMS) Second Generation:

2g means the second generation of mobile technology. 2g was discovered by Radiolinja and the Radiolinja industry now is know as Elisa and it provides 2g cellular network. This 2g network is launched in 1991. 

2g cellular network is an upgraded version of 1g and second-generation networks provide quality voice calls or data services such as SMS. 2g network company replaced first-generation technology and this 2g network in this era only rural areas people using this 2g network.

3G (Video Calling) Third Generation:

3g technology was discovered by Monet Mobile Network in 1998. This 3g technology is introduced video calling features and high-quality internet access and first time 'Mobile Broadband' was introduced for 3G technology. The 3G network has lasted a long time and is still running.

3G mobile network maximum speed is 2Mbps, that's why many people interest and use the internet also access everything like; video calls, browsing, etc... On the smartphone.

4G (Fourth Generation):

4g wireless network was discovered by TeliaSonera in 2009 and in 2002 airtel company launched a 4g network in India. Now is the time of 4G, we are getting a lot of things but slightly less than 5G.

4G network support HD Mobile Tv and 3D Tv, gaming service, live video streaming, etc..

The 4G network's maximum speed is 100Mbps. Almost in this 2020 era every person using this 4G technology.

Who Discovered 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g Networks?
Source:  Technology Society

5G (Upcoming) Fifth Generation:

The fifth-generation wireless network was discovered by South Korea and its world-first country that introduced the 5G network.

In India 5G technology not implement yet. 5G network is the faster data provide cellular network and 5G network introduced high-quality IoT technology. 5G network maximum speed is 20Gbps so it is one of the high-quality networks. We think 5G has the power to change the world Internet, But it is still the era of 4G, but it has stayed a while, after the arrival of 5g, there must be some changes. After the arrival of the 5G network, there will be a lot of change in the world internet.

There is a lot of change happening in the world, similarly, after 5G, the 6G network will come, it can also be understood that there is nothing to worry about it.

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