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How To Delete a Muted Whatsapp Group in 2020-21

Today we are going to teach you how to delete a muted WhatsApp group. In this time every smartphone user using WhatsApp and obviously all users definitely use WhatsApp because of the easy way to messaging like; (Video call, Send-Document, Send Photo, Send Video, etc..) Well, a muted WhatsApp group how to delete or leave a muted group in WhatsApp here the easy steps (Muted Kiya Gaye WhatsApp group ko Kaise delete Kare). This article helps you how to delete a muted WhatsApp group so let's begin.

How To Delete a Muted Whatsapp Group

Firstly you have to know It does not matter whether you are a muted group to delete WhatsApp or unmuted. So here we are going to talk about if any WhatsApp user WhatsApp group is muted then how to delete this group.

  • So first you have to open your WhatsApp group
  • After that, you have to see which group is your mute and you want to delete it. Then select the same group and tap the 3-drop down menu above.
  • After this you can see an option exit group is written above and after that, you will have to tap this option. After doing all this, you will leave this group.
  • Doing all this will not delete a group on WhatsApp Everything we did earlier was the procedure to delete the WhatsApp group. So let's check out how to delete the WhatsApp group?

Delete Whatsapp Group Permanently

  • You will have to open the group from which you have left. After opening the group, click on it which is the name of your group.
  • After that WhatsApp will show the app whether you want to delete or report this group. So you have to click on the option to delete the WhatsApp group. You can know this by looking at the image below.

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